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Welcome to  L418 International

     L418 Network Connections - An important part of L418’s DNA to connect with other ministries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to build up the church across the nations. We believe that Jesus builds His church through relationships and through these divine connections we can share vision and resources for the greater purposes of the Kingdom of God. If you are interested in exploring what connecting with us and becoming part of the L418 International Network, contact Apostle Gary Logston ( apostlegary@L418.com ).

L418 Africa Update

     We are working together with leaders in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania to organize and register an L418 National church in each country to provide structure, oversight, and training for church Leaders. Each of these L418 National churches will be served by national leaders and connected with each other through L418 International. Local pastors and churches in each country will be covered by the L418 National Church of that country and can register as part of the National Church. In addition, existing church networks that are served by an L418 Bishop or Apostle, can  register with the L418 National Church as a church network. This allows both individual churches and existing church networks to become part of an L418 National Church.

     In countries where an L418 National Church has not yet formed, all of the church leaders, churches, church networks, ministries, as well as the church leaders, will directly become affiliated with L418 International. If an L418 National Church is eventually formed in a country, then the membership of the leaders and their organizations will be transferred into the L418 National Church.


     Contact Apostle Gary (apostlegary@L418.com) for additional information.

L418 International Members

     Over 600 church leaders from 11 different countries have applied to become members of the L418 Movement…. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Liberia, Nigeria, and the USA. We are also partnering with other ministries across Southeast Asia that share a common vision for the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.